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MetCMS enterprise web site management system V4.0

2011-05-19 17:26:13 94

Supported Languages
1, support the world's languages ​​(including simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, etc.), the user can customize an unlimited languages, and can be set in the background, the language needed to access the domain name and customize the default home page;
2, the original language pack editing features, users can easily edit site Admin Web site language packs to control the front display language and language parameters (font, text size, page background, indicating number of words, etc.);

Interface style
1, the whole point text, the system part, information content and the main picture to support user-defined, see you can change;
2, the original column identifies the display control method, the administrator only needs can be identified by setting the columns flexible control page displays a list of other topics and related information;
3, complete separation of foreground templates and procedures, share a unique language style template technology, you can also set different for each language page style;
4, style templates to create simple, flexible, and support the production and PHP template tag syntax template standard production methods;
5, the original set of templates to support the same style in different colors, while supporting a variety of page layout, users can easily switch back;
6, automatic thumbnail generation, custom background image text watermark, upload images automatically added when the watermark feature;
7, Flash animation (advertising) can set different column styles (including images Carousel, Flash animation, a single picture), and can choose a variety of different image carousel means;
8, built a variety of online communication with the screen scrolling style;
9, the original product images and a variety of styles image module image display mode, support for the same product add unlimited pictures;
10, page style, information display page number, time format, popular hits of information, the latest information on the number of days and so fully realized release to customize the background;
11, DIV + CSS layout, all compatible with IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Google, TT, 360 degrees, travel and other mainstream browsers;

Site Content
1, Introduction, articles, products, downloads, pictures, add functionality to the module three columns, the column display mode and display the background or completely controlled by the administrator;
2, using the WYSIWYG text editor, fckeditor, can easily text, pictures, animation and layout added to support the contents of the manual page;
3, independent of each other back-language content management, different administrators can set a different language content management authority;
4, products, pictures, download custom field functions (including short, the drop-down, text, checkbox, radio, pictures, field), each product can upload multiple product images;
5, background information management to support bulk delete, bulk transfers, batch operation permissions;
6, supports a variety of information list sorted;
7, top support information, recommendation and other settings;

SEO Optimization
1, can be set to all pages in site SEO SEO parameters and information such as keywords, page description;
2, the whole point of static page generation capabilities, a key can be generated automatically or manually stop all static pages and static pages can be personalized name and static page format;
3, page title is in accordance with the "Information Title - Column Name - Site Title" fully optimized way, all the contents are automatically generated Title;
4, built-in hot labels, which can effectively increase website links to internal links and keywords;
5, the official framework of the template by the title DIV + CSS H1, image ALT, hyperlink Title, Keywords header footer, page layout information is updated, relevant information within the chain, such as full SEO optimization;
6, the built-in site map module, you can generate HTML and the latest new xml site map;
7, Built-in Links module, you can easily complete the interconnection with other sites;
8, support columns and columns to customize folder content and format of the page the name of the static pages to customize, you can effectively distinguish between the homogenization of information on competitors, and enhance the effect of SEO;

Interactive Marketing
1, built a complete online exchange background management functions, you can add QQ, MSN, Live Messenger, Ali Wang Wang, SKYPE, third-party customer communication software, and you can set the display style and icon;
2, built-in powerful online feedback system, fully customizable form fields, can be used for product ordering, online registration, online surveys, feedback, etc., can be automatically sent to the administrator to set the feedback information of the specified mailbox (can be set more mailboxes), and can be categorized in tabular form export EXCEL feedback;
3, line management and e-mail message sent back feature, administrators can review and respond to a message by the content of the background;
4, recruitment and information dissemination function of candidates to submit resumes online, resume function automatically sent to the specified mailbox;
5, background Built-in statistical code and other tools for third-party code interface, you can easily monitor the website and the visitor details;

Membership and Rights Management
1, the system built-in tourists, ordinary members, agents, the role of system administrator privileges four, and can ordinary members, agents, front and back-up management;
2, the language content, the whole station part, the information page, the field parameters can be access control, and thus the flexibility to set the proxy prices, data download, the latest product release, etc. of rights management;
3, directly under the background section to set administrator rights and operating rights functions, which can achieve more than the independent site columns and content management, and allows the administrator user interface simple and clear;

Safety and efficiency
1, built-in database backup and restore functions can be easily completed the whole point of a key database backup and recovery, support for configuration files and the whole point background Download compressed package;
2, Back to change the folder name back feature that allows you to easily hide the management of landing path, thereby improving system security performance;
3, verification code, anti-refresh mechanism, SQL hazard symbols and statements filtering mechanism of the system greatly enhanced the ability to prevent malicious attacks;
4, the administrator password retrieve mail function, member mail the password back feature enhances system security self-help;
5, the installation folder, upgrade, customize folder background check and delete functions;
6, the efficiency of public information read control parameters, the template calls the database control file (produced by the template to control) greatly improved the efficiency of the system;
7, the upload folder and file management capabilities, you can easily manage to delete junk files;
8, PHP + MYSQL structure, the whole point of static functions, system settings, file permissions, the system greatly enhanced the fight against Trojan horses and malicious attacks;