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Nipple thermometer, Only need a minute you can take your baby's temperature

2011-11-21 15:15:43 aoeomchina 45


When baby get a fever,the speed of take their temperature is very important .What's more most of the  babies do not like the mercury thermometer,even they will oppose it.How could you let your babies to be most willing to take their temperature?I think it will have a good way .


These days . In just began at the China Hi-tech Fair, a digital thermometer which is  similar to a  baby's nipple is attracted the general public eye.

This achievement is researched and made by Shenzhen Aoeom Technology Co.,Ltd .Principle is because there are temperature sensors in it's silicone nipple.it only takes you a minute  to know your babies' temperature after you put the thermometer in your baby's mouth.what's more this sweet design can be used as a normal pacifier nipple to exercise your baby's teeth.

To compared with mercury thermometer,this digital thermometer is more safe ,convinent and low carbon.

According to the professionals ,this Aoeom fresh digital thermometer is exported to more than 20 countries. They are papular in most european countries and vigorously pursued by the young parents.