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Chen Deming: Maintain Stability of Foreign Trade Policy and Accelerate Transforming and Upgrading of Foreign Trade

2012-02-14 20:06:48 aoeomchina 28


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From February 9 to 11, Commerce Minister Chen Deming made a business study tour in Anhui Province. Mr. Chen chaired meeting on import and export situation and meeting on circulation respectively held in Hefei and Ma’anshan, and made an investigation into Hualing Automobile Co. Ltd. and Anhui White Eagle Group, etc.

During the tour, Mr. Chen said that, since the second half of last year, China’s foreign trade has showed clear sign of downturn. This January, the growth rate of import and export both declined. Though there is the seasonal factor, it also showed unstable and uncertain factors affecting foreign trade are increasing, to which we need to pay high attention. He also said that the more complicated the situation is, the more confidence we need. We should strengthen research and investigations, calmly analyze, track closely the change of foreign situation, take initiative at work, and seize development opportunities. MOFCOM will do well in all aspects to support enterprises to explore new business.

Mr. Chen said that we should, in accordance with the spirit of economic work conference of the CPC central committee, keep to the keynote of forging ahead, focus on the three major tasks of "maintaining growth, adjusting structure and promoting balance", so as to realize the steady and rapid development of foreign trade. Mr. Chen stressed our foreign trade policy should be consistent. Mr. Chen said that Premier Wen pointed out in his inspection tour in Guangzhou that import and export policy should be basically consistent, and if adjusted, encouragement should prevail. MOFCOM is, together with related departments, researching policy measures to maintain foreign trade growth, and provides support foreign trade enterprises in such aspects as relax the capital pressure of enterprises, intensify fiscal and taxation policy support, perfect guaranteeing mechanism against export credit crisis, basic stability of foreign exchange, deal with trade friction, and improve trade facilitation, and at the same time, attaches more importance to the development of macro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Mr. Chen pointed out that we should continue to promote structure adjustment and transformation and updating of foreign trade. We should support enterprises to extend to higher-end of industrial chain, so as to increase core competitiveness of enterprises and create new advantages in foreign trade competition, by means of intensifying R&D, foster independent brand, and improve marketing network. We should vigorously explore emerging market, while cementing tradition markets; quicken foreign trade development of middle and western regions, while promoting the transformation and upgrading of eastern region. Mr. Chen also pointed out that, we would continue the policy of expanding export to promote the balanced development of foreign trade.

At the meeting on circulation, Mr. Chen said that to accelerate construction of modern circulation system and improve circulation efficiency is important for expanding domestic need and maintaining the stable and rapid development of national economy, which is also an important job of commerce system. The circulation field should do more to lower circulation cost, facilitate residents' consumption, safeguard commodity safety and serve for production development. MOFCOM will research with related departments to further improve the infrastructure construction and network planning in circulation field, standardize market order and promote the reform and development of circulation.