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Aoeom company officially launched Operating strategy plan of “family (individual) health management platform”

2012-04-28 18:47:12 aoeomchina 111

Brewing for many years, shenzhen aoeom technology co.,ltd recently invited leading experts coming from in the field of Internet, the traditional telecommunications networks, cable networks, power grids and other information fields to take part in seminar in Shenzhen, marking Aoeom company’ operating strategic plan of family(individual) health management platform are officially launched .

Aoeom company  will integrate health insurance and health management into the plan,products as the core of the plan ,introducing the health insurance compensation, fullly importing the concept of health management, making more people feel the insurance coverage from insurance companies ,more importantly,get health protection relying on the health management platform to ensure that the customer has always been the class of personal health services state.

At the same time, making fully use of the Internet of Things technology, using sophisticated sensoring terminal technolgoy centering biometric identification and presentation, focusing on solving"looking, smelling, asking and touching”. Using the high-definition camera, weighing scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, ECG & blood tests as terminals to achieve the monitoring of the right color, weight, body temperature,blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, tongue, eye, blood, body posture, balance and other major health indicators. In addition, the plan can also equip with specialized testing equipment for pregnant women who need fetal favorite for baby ‘s temperature monitoring according to the special needs.in the basis, importing the dynamic evaluation and supervision system of health indicators to put forward targeted treatment program such as exercises and rehabilitation according to the customers' health indicators to ensure the customer's continuous improvemen of physical fitness and health level .on the concept of above mentioned idea to set up "virtual DIYdiagnostic hospital” between Aoeom company and customers.