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The 76th CMEF in Shenzhen - Digital Era of Healthcare!

2016-11-01 18:16:14 2147483647

     2016 CMEF(China International Medical Equipment Fair) held in Shenzhen from 29th Oct. to 1st Nov., the subject was about the Digital Era of Healthcare. With the coming era of Big Data, the Healthcare industry also catches up the trends. Many famous brands in medical field attend this fair with their most advanced devices.

     AOEOM also was one of them. AOEOM developed medical devices with Cloud service three years ago. We successfully launched a system which can provide service for our users with blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, weight, body fat, activity tracker and other indexes. This success makes AOEOM not only a provider of medical devices but also developer of software and tel-medical solutions. 

     The famous devices of AOEOM is BLE 4.0 blood pressure monitors, Bluetooth body fat scales, Smart wearable fitness bands, Bluetooth ear thermometer, etc. The APP "Hello Health" integrates all the devices for users and easily record their body conditions.

     With the developing of internet, AOEOM will lead medical industry to catch up the trends and always indicate to offer a better life for people!

Home medical healthcare monitoring supplier

Home medical healthcare monitoring supplier