Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

ABP-WA100 Electronic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitor, HAD technology,The third generation blood pressure measuring technology, Jumbo LCD display

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Model Number: ABP-WA100



1. Product size:80*70*31mm(L x W x H)

2. Memory: 199 groups of memoery storage function
3. Method: automatic measurement , measure diastolic pressure, Systolic pressure, heart rate automatically
4. Range: 0~299mmHg(4.0-37.3kpa)
5. Heart rate range:  40 to 200 beats/min
6. Accuracy:  ±3mmHg/±0.4kpa(Pressure)  ±5%(Pulse)
7. Resolution: 1mm Hg(0.1kpa)
8. Inflation: automatic inflation via pump
9. Working condition:Temperature: 5°C~40°C; Humidility: lower than 80%
10. Storage condition:Temperature: -20°C~+55°C; Humidility: lower than 85%
11. Battery: 2*AAA batteries included
Packing Details:
1. Carton Size: 460*320*305mm
2. G.Weight/N.Weight: 8kg/7kg
3. Qty/Carton: 24pcs